From chrysalis to butterfly ... a personal journey.


My name is Beverley and I am the girl behind Papillon Beachwear.


With a love for holidays and a hatred for dressing gowns, Papillon Beachwear was born.  


Not an obvious association I hear you say but please stick with me on this.


Too long, too short, stiff and thin, pulled threads and dreadfully unflattering.  My list does go on.


When on holiday, I do like to spoil myself and have a few treatments in the hotel spa.  On way too many occasions I’ve experienced and witnessed  dressing gown malfunctions.  One size does not fit all and rarely does the “sumptuously soft dressing gown” blurb in the spa write up give an honest picture of what you are then handed on check-in.


Dressing gowns, if you are a wearer, should only be worn in the house or your hotel room.  Why would you wear it to go to breakfast, lunch or the beach when you’re on holiday ... ?


I know .... I don’t get it either.


The butterfly journey began shortly after returning home from a magical holiday in Oman.


With a super stylish mum, my love of fashion started at a very early age.  I don’t come from a dressmaking background, I had been a PA for twenty years, but I knew what I wanted to design and so started sketching out my ideas.


I wanted to design a piece that would lend itself perfectly to being worn on holiday or at home.  It had to be lightweight, easy to wear and loose fitting.  The kaftan isn’t a new idea, in fact it has been worn by people around the world for thousands of years.  There are many design variations but sometimes keeping things simple works much better. 


In 1966, Vogue described the kaftan “…as an essential garment for every member of the jet-set …”


From paper to product, the first Papillon Beachwear piece was simple but very stylish and came inside a matching long handled bag. This soon became our SIGNATURE.  Made in a luxuriously soft and lightweight fabric, it was a definite winner.


It wasn’t long before I was supplying beauty salons, spas and hotels.  Out with the dressing gown .... in with the kaftan. Yay!


So .... from chrysalis to butterfly, Papillon Beachwear grew wings and the range developed.  We are constantly working on new ideas and designs.


I am proud to be a British brand and enjoy the close relationships I have with British artisans who help to make my dreams a reality.